Treat yourself to a devotional and luxurious in-person session in my Austin, Texas temple. These unique sessions will exponentially help you create new possibilities in your intimate relationships, heal sexual trauma, reactivate your sexual energy and realign to your natural polarity.

  • Tantric Full Body Massage

    Including Lingham Worship and Ejaculatory Mastery

  • Male Sacred Spot Massage

    Resurrect your Virility and Return to True Masculinity

  • Tigress Temple Intensive

    From Goddess Worship to Male Taoist Sexual Rejuvination

Please read through the menu and choose your Sacred Offering…

~ 1-hour Tantric full-body massage with Lingham worship and ejaculatory mastery (Non-Interactive): 400.

~ 90-minute Tantric full-body massage session with optional male sacred spot massage: 600.

~ 2-hour Tantra full-body massage with Lingham worship, optional sacred spot massage, Goddess worship instructions, and limited mutual pleasure: 800.

~ A package of 5  (90-minute) sessions: 2500.

~ A package of 10 (1 hour) sessions: 3500.

~ 3-hour Tigress Temple Intensive (See details below).

~ Public Meet and Greet Dinner Date (See details below).

For expedited service, it is recommended to purchase an introductory call session ::HERE::.
3-hour Temple Intensive (Highly Recommended): 1200.

Everything mentioned above in the 2-hour session, plus one or two of the additional arts listed below…

These additional arts are available in 3-hour intensives:


  • Core Erotic Theme/Movie Exploration
    Most of us have a core erotic theme and movie that turns us on. Often it’s something we're afraid to share with our partners and thus never muster the courage to voice out loud. Don’t wait a moment longer, let’s explore and find ways to celebrate your fantasies and turn ons.
  • Bedroom BDSM
    85% of all woman want to be dominated. Learn and practice the basics of BDSM and how to be a confident top or dominant. Learn to properly spank, pull someone’s hair without straining their neck, throw someone again the wall without injury, read subtle cues, and more.
  • Sacred Touch Training
    Wouldn’t you love to transport your partner to the realms of bliss? Sensual massage cultivates deep connection, healing, love and extraordinary pleasure. Learning the art of sacred touch is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your partner.
  • Kiss Training
    One of the first sexual acts you will more than likely do with a new sex partner is kiss. Knowing how to properly kiss can make or break your chances for another date. Women subconsciously use the first kiss to decide whether or not they’re compatible with you. Become a master kisser!
  • Lengthening and Strengthening the Dragon
    If you desire to increase the circumference and length of your Lingham, these ancient practices are incredibly effective with regular practice. Handouts included.
  • Male Taoist Sexual Rejuvenation Practices
    Men can loose precious life-force energy with untrained sexual activity. Your sexual energy can be channeled in ways that will revitalize you rather than deplete you. Learn several techniques to keep yourself sexual active into old age while maintaining your stamina and virility.
  • Dark Tantra
    An exploration in sacred kink and polarity play. We all need novelty to keep our sexuality vibrant and exhilarating. A dark tantra session is a healthy and safe way to explore fantasies with a skilled professional. Whether you want to explore your dominant or submissive nature Arabella will cater this session to your needs in ways you will never forget.
  • Sensual Tantric Tasting Feast
    Experience the exquisite pleasure of feeding each other and mindfully exploring the sense of taste in ritual.

Dear Arabella,

As I said when leaving you after our visit on Friday, “the words ‘thank you’ seem inadequate to convey my gratitude and feelings,” and so, I continue to search for a means to express how overwhelmed (in a good way) I was, and continue to be, by the few hours we spent together. Your openness, intuition, warmth, happiness, exuberance, soulfulness, and spirit, were tangibly, and intangibly, present and conveyed from the moment of introduction, throughout our session, during our farewell, and have stayed with me since.

You made dialogue, and sharing of secrets, easy. You taught as we played, and I carry those lessons. You provided an environment in which I was comfortable letting go of inhibitions, and sharing some of my inner self, as you reciprocally shared with me. You took me to a wonderful physical/psychic/spiritual crescendo, which you followed with the most complete and thoughtful aftercare I have ever experienced.

I am so happy to have met, and connected, with you, and am so hopeful that we will be able to share time together again in person.

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.” -Rumi

With you in spirit,


Public Meet and Greet Dinner Date: 300

Relax in un-rushed luxury and make a day of it.

I love to begin my sessions with a 30-minute qigong practice and follow sessions up with a romantic lunch or dinner date. We can also take a walk or go shopping and get lost in each other’s company.

Additional time outside of the temple is 300 for the 1st hour and 150 for every hour beyond that. Please note that a private sensual experience is not included in this rate.

Session Booking Details:

  • ~The fastest way to book an in-person session is to fill out my reservation form and then go to my shop page and purchase the intro-call/session deposit.
    Follow this up with an email to let me know you’ve completed these steps. Sessions booked with deposits receive priority. Repeat clients can skip these steps and call me directly.

  • ~The above rates are all minimum contributions for my time. Gratuity and gifts or additional support are always appreciated, but never expected.

  • ~Money exchanged for your appointment is simply for time, companionship, and coaching.
    Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two consenting adults of legal age.

  • ~A 48-Hour Cancellation Notice Required – Thank You Kindly in Advance.

  • ~Please review my Session Etiquette page before our meeting.

  • ~Visit my listings on Sacred Eros and Eros Guide.

For Booking Inquiries, Please Fill Out My Reservation Form